In my head 

Artwork by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis)

The problem with the world is that we have, so consciously, existed in the minds of people and never in our own dreams and imaginations. It has never occurred to us that the parallel world in our heads could actually be real.

I like to think that there is at least a possibility for us to get lost…only to be found again, anew.. I like to think that we can sometimes save ourselves too… 


Decaying Thoughts 

And I always wondered what would happen to all the feelings inside that I was too shy to express? Would they just decay and rot. 

What happens to a thought that’s not shared , is it forgotten with time or gets layered and replaced by other recent memories? I do not know. But what I know is that all those thoughts in my head, all those monologues that should actually have been conversations with you are pending… And if you imagine a tree inside of me and all the flowers that blossom are nothing but thoughts of you; you will realise that it’s a garden full of you… 

Naked Minds

Darling, lets not waste time getting drunk on a cheap liquor, as it will leave us feeble memories; lets spend hours in frivolous pillow fighting, lets stroll in parks of the city, lets photograph each other a lot, lets write letters and decorate it with stamps that lost their meaning , lets unleash our apprehensions and anxieties, lets tell each other everything until I become you and you become me.

DIY lampshades 

For long, I had been wanting a pretty lampshade but staying in hostel never allowed me to buy one of those vintage ones. So instead, I made one. It is not very pretty in the materialistic sense. But it is do it yourself! Which means it’s easy and it’s your creation and you can be proud of yourself everytime you look at it.

So you would need:

1. Scissors, ribbon and acrylic paints

A white ivory sheet. Thick one. Not normal a4

A design from Pinterest that you aspire to paint on the sheet

Paint this design on the ivory sheet after your rough outline

Paste the ends of the Ivory sheet to make the shape cylindrical

Staple ribbon on either ends, I used rough paper strip only.

The end result would be :

  I couldn’t go with the design that I planned but this one seems alright now.

For the lighting purpose you would need a 5 metre flexible wire link with low voltage bulb to insert in it

You can probably look for these at any supermarkets:

On a nail or a pin loop around the wire and the ribbon handle of the lampshade together to make it look like this:

I hope this was fun. Happy crafting



Shouldn’t it have been enough. Isn’t love enough. For a while I thought John Green was right, that ‘ Okay will be our always’. But it is not. Why do we humans have the desire to possess every single thing that feels like a lost part of our fragmented souls. Aren’t we too broken already to find happiness in someone else. Why are we looking endlessly to find someone just so that our baggage of miseries has a companion. Is there a room for a prodigious romance?

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